3 Edge Technologies undertake projects on time and material basis.

Payment Terms:

We analyze the problem statement and provide estimates along with costs. All the fees are exclusive of VAT or any other taxes.

Payments are to be made in advance as per the booking mode hourly, weekly or monthly to get your developers allocated on board.

3 Edge Technologies allocate dedicated resources based on the project requirement along with other technical support staff like Team Leaders and Project Managers [based on the agreement]

Development center is based in India operates Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 7:00 PM (India's time zone is GMT + 5:30 / BST +4.30). All the public holidays will be notified in advance and the invoices are shifted accordingly based on the number of holidays.

Service Quality:

We believe in delivering the best solution to our clients in a timely manner. We test the limits of creativity every single day to meet the most demanding minds out there.


We believe in delivering the best possible solution with utmost integrity and dedication with a professional attitude.

We work on agile methodology and keep our clients informed with updates on their projects everyday.

We use skype / phone / emails to update our clients and all the information about the project is available on Project Management tool Jira.

We guarantee high-quality and cost-effective services.

Expectations from clients:

We request you to send us clear instructions so we can effectively send time and cost estimates.

Once the developer has been allocated on your project we request you to send all the project instructions to him or the assigned Project Manager.

Keep an eye on the daily updates and send a feedback to keep things on track.

If you are away or not in position to send feedback then please let the team know in advance so they can schedule updates accordingly.

What we avoid doing:

We don’t work directly on your live servers unless specified.

We don’t outsource your work to any third party developers and we sign a service level agreement to keep things between us and clients.

We don’t reach out to your end clients directly in any given case until approved by you.

Service Acceptance:

We always keep our clients updates with the progress and manage tasks effectively so clients are aware of the progress. We will always request you to test the project on our development server and send feedbacks. Any delays from your side with regard to feedbacks on the development may delay the project overall timeframe.

Once we have completed all the work in the given timeframe considering the case there were no delays in the project due to feedbacks from client or any additional features introduced we will move the files to your server. If there is any bug involved in the system once we have agreed on everything and tested on live server and acceptance by client 3 Edge Technologies would not be responsible for that but may provide an immediate solution as a gesture of goodwill but that would be treated as additional cost.

We request you to take backup of all the work on your live servers although we keep a working copy on ours as well. Still there are times when there are certain issues with code so you can upload the back up. It will always be client’s responsibility to keep back up of the code on live server.


Invoices are raised on hourly, weekly or monthly payment models based on the agreed currency.

Invoices are calculated at standard 3 Edge Technologies rates.

Daily invoices are calculated based on (8) hours a day.

Weekly invoices are calculated based on (5) days a week.

Monthly invoices are calculated based on number of working days in the calendar month.

Payments are to be made in advance for the invoices or we can put your project on a temporarily hold.

Invoices are issued before we start the work and need to be reconciled in order for the work to commence.

Termination of services:

3 Edge Technologies have all the rights to terminate your services without liability of you if:

You fail do pay the invoice in 5 days once that has been issued.

You breach any of the terms and conditions stated.

The project becomes undeliverable, except its proven it’s a fault at end of 3 Edge Technologies.

Warranty Period:

We provide 45 days warranty period once the code has been deployed to your server.

During the warranty period you need to send us a written note stating the error in the code / system / program we have written for you.

3 Edge Technologies have all the rights to match the code against their back up on demo or local machine in order to check if it’s the same code written by 3 Edge Technologies.

If there is any error found we will rectify it for free at no additional cost.

A partial refund would also be acknowledged.

We will not be responsible if:

• Error cannot be produces by 3 Edge Technologies.
• Error was not notified to 3 Edge Technologies in written within the warranty period.
• Any changes in the code or any involvement of any third party development team after the deployment of code.
• No guarantees are provided on any commercial profitability or success of the code / system / program written by 3 Edge Technologies.

Things you should not do:

We request you to not perform any of the following activities during our working relationship or within 1 year by the end of agreement.

• Try and engage for work with our clients.
• Directly hire our developers to work with you.

In case of dispute:

The contract between 3 Edge Technologies and the Customer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.

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